high love and emotion

in the eyes of a lot of people, i’m at the lowest of my low but it’s funny because this is the highest up i’ve been in a long time and i mean that in every way. i’m thankful wooooooooooooooo

fuck society

i don’t feel satisfied unless these things are fulfilled

  • having a gf
  • having a car
  • having a nice haircut
  • having nice clothes
  • being aware of what’s going on in the media
  • having a lot of money

why? because society tells us we’re doing something wrong if we don’t fill out that checklist. bullshitttt

i never use this shit anymore because i hate opening up about jackshit but fuck it. i’m high right now and i never thought i would ever love smoking so much. either i’m so depressed i need weed to keep my outlook positive or i just have developed mentally to the extent that weed truly enriches my thought process. i think it’s a little of both but more the latter. i’m writing something for english 220 and it’s so easy to focus on the words i type while i play music surprisingly. thank you mary jane